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How it works

JavaScript Monitoring

To detect all JavaScripts that send requests with your customer sensitive data to external systems.

Security Parameters Monitoring

We monitor various security parameters like expired SSL certificates,
applied Magento patches,exposed admin location,
publicly open configuration files, etc

Purchase Workflow Monitoring

We check availability of your store and test specific user workflows like possibilities to add the product to the cart, go through checkout and even place test orders to make sure that customers won't be interrupted by broken or unavailable payment gateway.

Immediately Notification

Depends on subscription planwe send notification about detected issue or directly fix it

Who we are

WatchDogs – the first company on the market that specializes on Magento security monitoring and alerting

We call ourselves WatchDogs because we take care of security of your store like real watch dogs take care of security of the house.

No one will pass unattended!

Malicious code injected to your store will be immediately spotted and all responsible people will be immediately alerted. We’ll take care about the rest.

WatchDogs are always on duty, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days (or sometimes 366 days)) per year, no weekends, no holidays, no sleep.

WatchDogs is a daughter project of Eltrino company – premium Magento development agency.

We are monitoring store security 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days per year


  • Startup
  • $ 0/m
    Free like a river flowing freely through infinity
  • FREE

    • Malware monitoring
    • 1 page (homepage)
    • daily
    • Security review
    • monthly
    • Availability monitoring
    • 1 page (homepage)
    • daily
  • Small Business
  • $ 9.90/m
    Less than one coffee from popular coffeehouse
  • 99$/year

    • Malware monitoring
    • 3 pages (home, category, product)
    • daily
    • Security review
    • weekly
    • Availability monitoring
    • browsing the catalog, adding products to the cart
    • hourly
  • Medium Business
  • $ 99.00/m
    Less than pair of shoes with swoosh logo
  • 990$/year

    • Malware monitoring
    • 5 pages (home, category, product, shopping cart, checkout)
    • minutely
    • Security review
    • daily
    • Availability monitoring
    • browsing the catalog, adding products to the cart, completing checkout till last order confirmation step
    • minutely
  • Enterprise
  • $ 990.00/m
    Less than phone with a bitten apple
  • 9900$/year

    • All Medium Business options +

    • Payment gateways and charging processes monitoring
    • Applying of Magento security patches
    • Immediate removing injected malware code
    • Magento security extension installation and monthly updates
    • Monthly security audit,  review of server software
    • Dedicated security and support contact

"Security is a process not a product"

Bruce Schneier